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  • ACS580 general purpose drives

ACS580 general purpose drives

Low voltage AC inverter - ACS 580

Save energy easily

The new generation of all-round ACS 580 inverter is designed to simplify the customer's work and easily achieve energy savings and precise motor control. The ACS 580 eliminates the need for external components to meet the application needs of most customers while reducing total installation costs.

In terms of installation and setting, the ACS 580 is equipped with an intuitive control panel and built-in setting assistant. It is also equipped with Drive composer and PC tool to help customers to quickly complete system settings and easily monitor and adjust the system during subsequent operation.

As a member of ABB's all-round inverter series, ACS 580 is suitable for a wide range of industrial production environments such as control pumps, fans, conveyor belts, mixers and many other variable torques and constant torque applications.

Technical advantages

Built-in input reactor, C2 class EMC filter, STO function
Equipped with control panel and setting assistant
Intuitive operation and state view for easy diagnosis
Protection class IP21, optional IP55 housing
Compatible with the first generation ACS 550 universal inverter for easy upgrade