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Moving towards the era of Intelligent Industry 4.0, the trend of future commodities is small amounts with diversification. In this constantly changeable era, CHUWEI Technology adheres to the philosophy of “changing” as the design concept. In system integration and planning, we combine ABB's advanced low-voltage inverters to upgrade the equipment to the future factory mode.

CHUWEI Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to the business direction of “professional technology, energy efficient, customer need first, and substantial profits” to continue protecting the environment and providing better services to our customers in the future.


Service area:

  • ABB inverter equipment/industrial robots, servo drives, motors, PLC/decentralized IO, low voltage protection switches, industrial control products sales and advisory services.
  • Industry 4.0 robot integration: customized equipment, medical equipment, loading and unloading system (CNC/casting/plastic/punch equipment), logistics stack system, vision system, PLC system disk design. 

【Quality Service。Comprehensive System Process Planning】